Artist's Statement - Kurt Joachim Von Behrmann

“Art is an autobiography. In the illusions, dreams and nightmares of its creators, more truth can be found here than in the world we call reality.”

“I never painted dreams... I painted my own reality.” Frida Kahlo
Frida Kahlo: The Paintings” by Hayden Herrera Page 124

Art is created because someone had an intense driving need to express. In these expressions creative ideas are born. Art captures content that has more to do with reality than dreams. The foundation of all creative acts is a foundation rooted in the tangible. Fine art is not a distortion of reality. It is a highly condensed version of truth that strikes the core of the human experience.

Shaped by struggles, dedication, sacrifice and persistence, creativity is a roller coaster ride. It touches crushing depths. It seeks intoxicating heights. Persistent desire to seek the most eloquent form of execution is deeply rooted. One never knows exactly where or when chance and deliberate design converge. Between the well-placed plan and an accident solutions to creative problems are found.

Part autobiography, part self-discovery part experimentation and sometimes part accident, mine art is governed by the deliberate, while open to the open plains of chance. Careful articulations to sudden and unexpected shifts in ideas at the last minute, my creativity has followed a snaking road. It has lead me through art schools, teaching, writing and unexpected detours.

The one constant of my work when taken as a whole is part of a continuing chronicle of where I have been, what I have seen and how I felt. Each drawing, each painting, even the articles I compose, are chapters that tell you just a bit more about me and how I witnessed the world. There is a certain morality to art. Even when it speaks to the most difficult of things, my art seeks to find beauty in truth. It searches for majesty among small things. My art does not flinch from the complex, or conceal what needs to be seen in the open sun. My creativity is a constant. It never stops.

Kurt Joachim von Behrmann.
Revised, South Mountain Village, Phoenix, Arizona
June 10, 2018

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